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Future Health Technologies (FHT) develops a mobile health technology concept, leveraging on scalable digital technologies to transform the healthcare system towards a community-based and patient-centric model along the continuum of care. The FHT is the third programme of the Singapore-ETH Centre, which was established by ETH Zurich and Singapore's National Research Foundation (NRF), as part of NRF’s CREATE Campus.

Early detection & prevention

Using falls and fractures as a clinical test case, we employ advanced sensors and develop high-quality screening algorithms to identify individuals with high fall risk based on their gait. We then build personalised biomechanical models based on the data collected in order to predict an individual's fall risk and link it to fracture risk.

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Connected rehab technology

We develop technologies to aid the recovery of stroke patients in the form of a “rehab gym” equipped with clinical intelligence such as robotic devices and brain-computer interfaces. Using these mobile digital health technologies for remote functional assessments, we are able to build the world’s first dataset to track stroke recovery from the ward to everyday life.

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Mobile health interventions

We will develop interventions to be delivered by the chatbot MobileCoach for the prevention and management of non-communicable chronic diseases, specifically diabetes. The goal is to identify and overcome individual, cultural, legal and organisational barriers to promote change in behaviour that would reduce the risk of suffering from chronic diseases.

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Health data governance

A “health data microcosm” will be built to mimic the complexity of real-world health systems, in order to enable health forecasting, treatment response prediction and cost estimation. We will further develop best practice protocols and guidelines and define a “trustworthy data governance” concept protects privacy, data ownership and accountability.

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Behavioural economics for chronic disease prevention and treatment

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